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Crab Rangoon Made Without Animal ProductsAnd the beat rolls on… We’re almost to the mid point our of second week of yummy, soul satisfying and totally embiggening (I didn’t make up that word, the Simpsons did) awesomeness that is unResolution month.  I hope this week has inspired you to reconnect with the ooey, gooey, greasy, and yummy foods that make life great.

Today, we’re going with another favorite with a vegan twist…

Vegan Crab Rangoon

Yes, that’s right… we’re veganizing a food made primarily from cream cheese and crab, neither of which are particularly vegan.  But we’re going into this dish with a plan and an arsenal consisting of vegan crab meat from Match Foods which make living la vida vegan delicious.  (Also, as one of my friends on Twitter pointed it out, it’s also great for those who are allergic to shellfish.)

Making Vegan Crab Rangoon

The key ingredient to making vegan crab rangoon work is the vegan cream cheese, which I have recently started making at home and I am loving it.  I realize I am a bit of a vegan cream cheese novice so it’s probably not up to the pro’s standards, but I find my version quite serviceable for this recipe.  Also, I keep mine pretty flavor neutral so that onions, garlic, and crab can bring their flavor to the party.

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