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Cheese Post #7 – Cheesy Polenta

Cheesy PolentaPost #7… that means just two days left of Cabot Creamery Collective cheesy goodness.  But, have no fear, you WILL  get two more days’ worth of delicious cheesy goodness, brought to you Cabot cheeses.  Like today’s recipe.

Today we’re going to be cooking with one of my favorite ingredients in the world as we make:

Cheesy Polenta

Now I know, polenta is not exactly everyone’s favorite thing to eat.  However, I am willing to be that many of the polenta haters out there have only had the stuff that is sold premade in little plastic tubes.

Piffle I say!

True polenta you make yourself bears as much resemblance to the stuff in the tube as the sun does to a yellow crayon drawing.  The only way to make polenta is to pour it into some boiling water and stir it yourself.  You’re family with thank you and your tastebuds will thank you.

Of course, add some Cabot Horseradish cheddar and your family and tastebuds will REALLY thank you.  Ready to make it?

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