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Grilled Pizzas with Laughing Cow Cheese and Caramelized Onions

Laughing Cow PIzzasThere’s a new sensation in my house

Grilled Pizza

I know, we came to this one a little late since grilled pizzas are showing up everywhere, but that’s okay.  While I will never be confused as being cutting edge, I do tend to make a mean dish once I finally hop on the culinary bandwagon.

And I have jumped on this bandwagon with both feet.

Grilled Pizza – The Beginning

To begin my initiation, I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some of their regular pizza crust (regular as in note whole grain.)  My wife makes a mean pizza crust, but frankly both of us had had long weeks. Thus we made the not-terribly-difficult decision to pay the $3 and let the fine folks at Whole Foods take care of all our crust needs.  Plus,  Whole Foods pizza crust is pretty darn good.

When I got my crust home, I figured we’d want to have pizza with caramelized onions, so I got them started.  Then, I divided the pizza dough into four smaller balls, rolled them out flat, and let them rest.

But what to do about toppings?

Grilled Pizza and Laughing Cow Cheese

A long, long time ago the good folks at Laughing Cow cheese sent me a coupon for a free sample, which, of course, I accepted.  Because I am kind of a big dummy, I never actually used the darn thing, but that’s okay since my wife keeps a pretty steady supply in the house.  (Sorry for the anecdote, but for FTC purposes, I wanted to say something.  I mean I did receive free product, I just never really used it.  Silly FTC.)  Anway, she loves the stuff and puts it on toast, crackers, tomatoes, etc.  Edit: that never happened.  It was Alouette and Chavrie that sent me coupons.  They’re obviously much better for it. 🙂

I wasn’t even thinking about it at first.  As I was trying to figure out how to top my resting crusts, I settled on doing a balsamic/caramelized onion jam and goat cheese pizza.  The problem: no goat cheese!  But, as stated above, we did have Laughing Cow Swiss cheese. 

You know, sometimes it’s okay not to have all the ingredients you wanted…

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Cheese Post #5 – Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…more pizza for the 8 Days of Cabot?

Heck yes!!

Pizza is one of the finest cheese delivery vehicles in the annals of history!  Even better, this particular pizza is a perfect blend of the spicy south of the border flavors we’ve been having and delicious Cabot Creamery Collective cheese because we are making…

Vegetarian Taco Pizza

Two days ago, I hit you with a vegetarian version of my wife’s favorite pizza, the Cheeseburger pizza, which she fell in love with at Gino’s East in Chicago.  Well, my favorite pizza has always been the Taco pizza, which I feasted upon as a child at the Godfather’s in my hometown.  (Funny how you have fond childhood memories of places you wouldn’t step foot in as an adult, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, after getting my wife’s cheeseburger pizza ready for her, I had:

  • Half a package of Fantastic taco meat left
  • Another prebaked pizza crust
  • A block of Cabot Chipotle Cheddar cheese
  • Some tomatoes and onions

And a plan…

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Cheese Post #3 – Cheeseburger Pizza

Yesterday I mentioned that we were only briefly leaving the world of pizza for the 8 Days of Cabot and I meant it.  True to my word, we’re back with another amazing pizza topped with Cabot Creamery Collective cheese (which they were nice enough to give me.)

Today, we are making my wife’s absolute favorite pizza in the whole world:

Cheeseburger Pizza

My wife fell in love with this pizza when she had it at a restaurant called Gino’s East in Chicago, IL and she still talks about it even though she had it four years ago.  So every now and then, when I get the urge to experiment with pizza, I try to recreate what she had there.  Strange how a little Cabot Seriously Sharp got the urge going. 🙂

There was only one problem… my wife is now vegetarian.  Never one to be daunted by a little thing like vegetarianism and knowing that Cabot does not use animal-based rennet (did you hear that vegetarians??) , I grabbed a little Fantastic sloppy joe mix and it was pizza time.

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Cabot Cheese Post #1 – Cheese Pizza

Cabot Creamery Collective Garlic Herb Cheese PizzaWelcome to the first day of the 8 Days of Cabot, a delicious look into the world of Cabot Creamery Cooperative cheese and the many delicious things you can do with it.  First of all, I wanted to say thanks to Cabot for supplying me with eight different types of cheese.  I used them to make eight delicious dishes which I will share with you over the next eight days.

Ready?  Good!  Let’s start with:

Cheese Pizza Using Cabot Garlic and Herb Cheese

Okay, so I know it seems a little lame to start 8 days of Cabot with a cheese pizza, but believe me, this was no ordinaly cheese pizza we made.

Mrs. WellDone  was looking for a quick supper for her and BlogWellDone, Jr.  Sadly, BWD, Jr. is a bit of a picky eater, so whenever she makes pizza, she is limited to cheese pizza only.  He just won’t eat any toppings.  I know she gets tired of plain cheese pizzas, but she doesn’t have a lot of options.  To remedy this culinary conundrum, I suggested she take some of the garlic and herb cheese and cut into thin slices.

She laid the slices out on top of the pizza, put it in the oven, and baked the pizza for about 12 minutes.  When the she pulled the pizza out of oven, the Cabot cheese had melted entirely, leaving little bits of herb mixed in with the cheese.  I was shocked how well it melted (I was expect lumpy cheese).

Anyway, she loved the pizza and the first Cabot dish was born!

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