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Truffles – Ride For Family Homelessness Final Day

Dancing Deer cookie coated trufflesSo according to Dancing Deer CEO Trish Karter’s blog, she is finally home after her 1,500 mile bike ride.  Congrats for making it home!!

However, we’re still making delicious desserts with all of Dancing Deer’s mind blowing baked goods.

Before we get to the recipe, I want to do a little housekeeping.  First, today is the last day of Ms. Karter’s ride so we’ll definitely be doing a Dancing Deer recipe.  Then tomorrow, we’re going to take a quick break so I can do a little review of a product I am very excited about, then we’ll come back and I’ll do my make up for the day I missed and my extra special bonus recipe.

Now, with that being said, on to today’s recipe:

Dancing Deer Cookie Coated Truffles!

Who doesn’t love a truffle?  So rich and chocolately and surprisingly easy to make.  Now, add in some crumbled up Dancing Deer cookies and you have a recipe no one will be able to resist.

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