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Sweet Potato Fritters – Junk Food Post #18

Happy Championship Sunday to everyone!  The eighteenth post of unResolution Month is coming to you from my mother’s couch as I watch the Cardinals/Eagles battle for a ticket to the final big game.  I’m pretty excited by today’s recipe because I get to promote one of the truly great restaurants in Kansas City: Eden Alley Cafe and Catering.

Eden Alley is the quintessential Kansas City vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  To my knowledge, it was the first in KC and if it was not the first, it was the first one at which I ate.   Recently, Eden Alley released their first cookbook, Stir-Well to Heaven: The Eden Alley Cafe Cookbook, a beauty of a manual on how to make vegan cuisine.  (You should definitely check it out.)  This is a great text for anyone looking to make great meatless cuisine including (what should be) their world famous corn fritters, which inspired this recipe.

Of course, today’s lesson is not on corn fritters, it’s on …

Sweet Potato Fritters

… but, in order to devise the recipe for sweet potato fritters, I started off using Eden Alley’s recipe for corn fritters.  Get it?  Good, I’m glad you’re coming with me on this one!

These fritters are a little like sweet potato pie, a little sweet, and a fine, fine candidate for unResolution month because they are deep fried.  Mmm…  (The original recipe was baked, but that’s not very unResolution monthy, now is it?)

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