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Fried Cookie Dough – Junk Food Post #21

Fried Cookie DoughAnother day passes and so, too, does another week of unResolution month.  For the past six days we have concentrated solely on beating back our resolutions with fried foods.  In some cases we fried things that weren’t healthy before we added oil and in some cases we warped the nutritional value of whatever we fried.  No matter what, we made something delicious!

So for our final fried post, I’ve decided to do something which is a bit of a transition to next week’s topic (desserts).  Tonight we are doing:

Fried Cookie Dough

Fried cookie dough was first introduced to me and family by George Duran’s Ham on the Street.  I can’t remember anything else about the episode except for that fact that he took some cookie dough, dipped it in batter, and deep fried it.  Then again, isn’t that enough?  I mean, he fried cookie dough.

It occurs to me that every time I have made this recipe, I have used chocolate chip cookie dough.  However, there is no reason you should feel so constrained.  Snickerdoodle dough, oatmeal raisin dough, peanut butter dough, or really any dough would make fine fried cookie dough.  So play around with it and tell me what you make.  We can keep unResolution month in our hearts year ‘round.  Along with the cholesterol…

Anyway, it’s recipe time y’all!

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