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Can You Eat White After Labor Day? (Also, Happy #MeatlessMonday)

The White Album- Perfect Music to Listen to for a White Meal

The White Album- Perfect Music to Listen to for a White Meal

Okay, so the fashionistas all agree that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but, I’m wondering about eating white after Labor Day.  Think about it.  If you can’t wear white, you’re probably wearing darker colors and if you spill… yikes!  Who knows…maybe tomorow the manner experts are going to outlaw fettuchini alfredo, sugar cookies, and White Russians!!

Just in case, maybe you should try this all-white Labor Day menu.  It’s not exactly the most waistline-friendly, but that’s not my fault.  I was trying to think of what was white and, of course, I thought of heavy cream!  It’s not my fault this meal is so creamy and delicious.  I have to make sure every one gets one last white meal during Labor Day.

You know, just in case.

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Killer Mashed Potatoes – Junk Food Post #3

And the beat rolls on.  Hopefully by now, most everyone has abandoned their resolution and is pleasantly enjoying their wave of delicious comfort food.  Today’s edition is dedicated to my wife because I first made Killer Mashed Potatoes for her.

Killer Mashed Potatoes

What makes them killer?  Well, two things really.  First, they are really, really good or as Guy Fieri would say (“killer”.)  Secondly, they use so much cream and butter that … well, you get the picture.  So yes, these potatoes are definitely a sometimes food, but who cares?!  We have some resolutions to break!

Making Killer Mashed Potatoes

This one is pretty simple and can be done in one pot unless you want to add faux bacon (or real bacon.)

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