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Baked Ziti – Junk Food Post #5

Everyone loves Baked ZitiHow’s everyone feeling?  Still hungry?  Good because unResolution month rolls on!  Today’s suggestion comes courtesy of Spookygirl, who said her favorite bad for her comfort food is baked ziti, which she said is “75% cheese … [b]aked to a bubbly goodness.”

Now, I must admit, until the last few years, no one in my house ate ziti.  Our baked noddle dish of choice was always lasagna so it was only until recently that I understood the magic that is ziti.  And now, I share it with you!

Baked Ziti

Perhaps I’m not up on my baked noodle trivia, but it has always seemed to me that the big difference between lasagna and baked ziti is the difference between order and chaos.  Lasagna, it seems to these eyes, is neatly stacked layers of noodle, cheese, and sauce whereas baked ziti is a crazy free-for-all of noodles and cheese and ground beef or ground faux beef.  Two different philosophies on life, but both equally good!

Making Baked Ziti

Really, because ziti is more freeform, it is actually far easier to make than lasagnas.  To do it…

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