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This is Friday and if there is anything I love, it’s to take the weekend off!  So for today’s unResolution Post, I am going to feature one of the people whose ideas made this month happen: Brad. Not only can Brad cook, he can draw.  He had a really cool dry eraser art site until he decided to close shopm but you can still check the site out anyway.  It’s called Dry Mark Art.  Who knows, maybe they’ll bring it back.

Anyway, when asked about his favorite bad for you comfort food, he actually POSTED a recipe.  While we frown on overachieving at Blog Well Done, I think this recipe deserved to be posted.  So here is…

Beer-Battered Fried Pickles

And what can I say, I like this guy’s style!  However, so I don’t feel completely lame, I did throw in a recipe for my favorite spicy ranch dipping sauce.  That’s not too bad?  Right?

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