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An Open Letter to Shatto Milk

I don’t often post this kind of thing, but I feel I have to.  This is a part of a message I will be sending to the folks at Shatto Milk.

To the folks at Shatto,

Tonight at Jasper Mirabile‘s dinner, I was fortunate enough to try a slice of your as of yet unnamed cheese.  It was beautifully complex, with notes of Parmesan, provolone, gruyere, and gorgonzola, all mixed into one.  I savored each and every nibble of that cheese and ate far closer to the rind than I normally would.  Scratch that.  I think I ate the rind.  It looked like a cracker in the Jasper’s “mood lighting.”

However, despite this, I have one small problem.  I am currently weeping because I don’t have any more of your delicious cheese at my disposal for my continued consumption.  If at all possible, I would like to be told what I can do to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

I would appreciate any attention you can give to this matter as I consider it to be a problem of the utmost urgency.



P.S. If I cannot get more of your cheese, then I will hold my breath until such time as I pass out.  This might lead to me slamming my forehead into my desk and causing brain damage.  I do not believe that you want this on your conscience, so the next move is yours.

P.S.S. Thanks for continuing to supply Blanc Burgers with cheese curds.  They are good as well.


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