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Contest: Need a Personal Chef?

The holidays are in full swing.  There are Christmas pagents to attend and presents to wrap.  Trees have to be decorated and malls braved for the perfect Christmas gift… you know the perfect Christmas gift for that crazy uncle you only see once a year…

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

Cooking Is the LAST Thing I Want to Do

Anyway, what all of this means is that if you are like me, standing over a stove and eeking out dinner is probably no where on the ol’ list of priorities.  Calling for takeout sounds so much better.


What you need is a personal chef and since I cannot possibly keep up with the volume (ha ha), fortunately PersonalChefToGo.com is here to help.  PersonalChefToGo.com offers several meal plans geared towards singles, couples, and families on the go.  Meals arrive every weekend via FedEx in specially lined containers and the food can be stored in the fridge for a while or frozen up to 30 days and lose no taste.  (Did I mention they are healthy, too?)

And for those of you sweating Christmas meals, PersonalChefToGo.com also has holiday dinners which will arrive at your door.

So, If you need a personal chef, I have two $25 gift certificates to PersonalChefToGo.com that need a home, which I am willing to barter for some suggestions.  🙂

Just leave me a comment with your favorite oh-so-not-good-for-you comfort food.  The more fried, greasy, sugary or cheesy the better!  Also, if you blog about this contest or Twitter about it, leave a second comment with “EXTRA” in it.  Anyone with “EXTRA” in their second comment will also be eligible for a special mystery prize and a high five.

In the hopes you can get your certificate in time for a holiday meal, I will be picking winners at random on Tuesday morning… so get to commenting!!!


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