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Fried Chicken – Junk Food Post #15

Okay, before I get the recipes rolling, I have to share something.  Son Well Done, my three year old, was playing restaurant tonight (it’s a new phase since he’s started watching Ratatouille).  All of the sudden he picks up a plastic “knife” and announces “I am cutting onions, everyone close your eyes.”  He then waits to begin chopping pretend onions until Mrs. Well Done and I have closed our eyes.  It was fantastic.

Now to the food…  Today marks the fifteenth post of unResolution month, the oh-so-delicious journey through the ranks of the rich, the cheesey, the fried, and the (sometimes) amazingly vegan.  How are we to celebrate?  How about with a dish inspired by Beth who said her favorite bad for her comfort food was …

Fried Chicken

Truth be told, I am not the world’s greatest fryer of chicken.  At least part of that comes from being vegan and being generally unpracticed at it, but some of it comes from being disinterested in making it at home.  As much as I hate to admit, the Colonel does a much better job of making fried chicken than anyone in my family ever could and we have some EXCELLENT fried chicken places in Kansas City.

On the other hand, it’s kind of sad to say that one cannot make fried chicken, so right before I went vegan I really studied the art of good fried chicken making.  From this exhaustive time in the kitchen, I basically developed two ways of frying chicken: the hard way (with a big batter crust, sort of like the Colonel’s) and the easy way.
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