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I know I’ve been talking a lot about Dancing Deer’s CEO Trish Karter’s ride from Atlanta to Boston over the past week and I will continue to do so for a while longer because I vowed to post about it once for every day she’s on the road.

That includes these little vignettes I call Where Life Meets Lunch.

Today I want to talk about waste because I think it fits into this topic and it’s something with which I am intimately familiar as a food blogger.  I think food bloggers waste food all the time playing with new flavors and generally wasting food in plating and making things look presentable.  Also, maybe I am just talking about me, but I know I cook recipes I don’t necessarily intend to eat just so I can snap a picture.

For instance, a recipe I wrote is going to appear in The Kansas City Star Magazine (maybe even today), and a professional photographer had to come by and snap a pic.  However, I didn’t have the time to fix the recipe so I bought all the ingredients, assembled the dish and let the photographer take his shot.  Then I threw the ingredients away.  Yes it was wasteful, but I simply didn’t have the time for anything else.

In general, I should be more disposed against waste.  Still, as I spend the next week or more writing recipes and sharing facts about children and families who are going without… well… maybe I should be a little more concerned about giving and a little less about consuming needlessly.

As I do this, I also want to just give more.  This, in many ways, will be easier to do than stopping overconsumption.  To give more, I want to remind everyone about and the BlogWellDone lending page (I took this idea from 101Cookbooks.)  Also, shortly Anna Bassaham and will be doing a service project involving food and fashion.  And in general, I think I’ll just try to give a bit more food to others less fortunate than I.

Not much of a Where Life Meets Lunch, I realize, but I find when I promise things on the blog, they happen.


Heidi from 101 Cookbooks has again inspired me, though this time without a recipe.  After reading this post about setting up 101 Cookbooks as a lending team, I was inspired to log back into my Kiva account and make sure that all of my donations were allocated.

For those of you unfamilar with Kiva, they make microloans (loans of a few hundred dollars) to entrepreneurs in foreign countries.  To these brave folk, $500 is enough for them to start or expand their business and given them badly needed operating capital.  In return, they repay the loans with interest. 

Where we come in is we fund an account with Kiva and then select which businesspeople we are going to support.   Typically, what happens is that multiple lenders pool small donations of $25-50 and once enough people have contributed, the full sum goes to the entrepeneur.

It’s a great system and a fantastic way to feel like you are doing something for your fellow residents of this planet.  Here is my lender page (you’ll notice I support food related businesses. :))

I urge everyone to give Kiva a try and to tell Heidi that she’s setting a good example.