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Fried Lean Pockets – Junk Food Post #20

Twenty days into unResolution month, we come back to where it all began.  In many ways, the moment to do unResolution month, the minute I thought I had landed on pure genius, was when I asked the simple question to my friends on Twitter: “What would happen if I deep fried a Lean Pocket?”

And from the responses, I knew I had to make

Fried Lean Pockets

Some of you may ask why fried Lean Pockets.

Why do mountaineers climb Everest?  Why do great artists create magnificent art?  Why?  Because they can!  So why did I make fried lean pockets?!  Because I can!

Yes I can!

(Okay, maybe all the grease is getting to me, but anyway…)  Are you ready for some fried Lean Pocket?

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