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And the beat rolls on.  Today brings the second week of unResolution month to a close.  Hopefully by now you’ve learned that vegan food can be just as fattening as comfort food. If not, here’s one more chance to convince you!  It’s also a good segue into the next seven days which will be focusing entirely on deep friend foods! Mmmmmm…

However, before we get into this dish, I’d like to thank Gourmet Girl for all her tempura advice.  Thanks!

Now without further ado…

Tempura Veggies

There’s just something wonderful about tempura vegetables.  The lightness and the saltiness of the batter mixed with the crunch and the natural flavor of the vegetables… there’s no finer way to eat vegetables.  Of course, despite the lightness of a tempura fry, it’s still a fry.  Which is how tempura veggies made it to unResolution month and why they’re a sometimes food.

With that being said, on to the recipe!

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