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Beef Spice Rubs

So, I’ve been gearing up for the cooking competition (technically I think it’s just a showcase, but I bet there will be judging or others eating…so I call it a competition) which lay ahead (the one I’m being sponsored to compete in by the Missouri Beef Council that I mentioned in an earlier post.)  I’ve been doing a lot of cooking with different cuts of beef (mmm…rib eye), but mainly I’ve been thinking.

Amongst the major proteins, red meat, and steak in particular, has one unique property that I have to account for in the competition: it tastes good by itself.  You can take a steak, sprinkle it with salt and pepper, let heat do its thing for 2-3 minutes per side plus 6-8 minutes in the oven and you have a masterpiece…and you didn’t have to fuss one second . With a good steak, the best thing you can do is get out of its way.

But This is Still a Competition

I keep seeing the judges’ face (who look a lot like Tom Colicchio in my mind’s eye) as they examine  my perfectly cooked steak and giving me the “all  you did was add salt and pepper to this steak?  Please pack your knives and go” look.  No, wait, Padma’s there, too.  Which starts Mrs. WellDone yelling at me because I’m spending time with that woman and suddenly, this imagining is getting me into a lot of trouble…

Anyway, until Sunday,  my thought was that this competition will live and die on the sides I prepare.  Which is why I have been cooking sides.  Lots of sides.  And maybe a sauce.  So I’ve been cooking sauces.

But then it occurs to me…I could choose spice rubs other than salt and pepper.  Theywouldn’t need to be as aggressive as the rub I’d put on BBQ or chicken or slow cooked Mexican pork because they would tend to hide the flavor of the steak.  But, a little rub might be just the trick.

Here’s three rubs I am seriously considering.

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Fellow Food Bloggers, I have decided to take a stand for truth, justice, and food science!  I was watching a program on the Food Network of all places and was dismayed to find that in this, the year 2007, there is still confusion on one basic food principle.  The host of the show, who shall remain nameless, once again repeated the age old myth that the heat in chili peppers comes from the seeds.

Nay and Fie On It I say!!!  As we all know, the heat from chilis comes from membranes that secure the seeds to the chili’s walls.  Which is probably how seeds got such a bad rap in the first place.  But that is no excuse.

I am putting a stop to spice miseducation once and for all.  I am announcing CAPSAICIN: the Campaign for the Awareness of Peppers, Seeds and Intense Cooking In the Net.  There is no time for delay.  Go to the CAPSAICIN page and copy the code so that you add your very own CAPSAICIN badge to your website or blog.  Tell your friends so that they can be part of this important movement.

Now is the time for action.  Now is the time to stand up and say I will not tolerate confusion as to where the heat in spicy food comes from any more.  My fellow Bloggers, now is the time to proudly proclaim I am a member of the Campaign for the Awareness of Peppers, Seeds and Intense Cooking In the Net.

Thank you and good night.