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Tonight, I’m typing this blog post from my couch because nothing says unResolution month like sitting on the couch and writing about fried foods.  Right?  Anyway, the fried food-only week of unResolution month continues with a post suggested by Elle who says her favorite comfort food is fries covered in melted cheese.  Many, many people love this dish.  However, this is unResolution month and I just felt like we could add more yummy-but-bad-for-you everything to it.

So that’s why I decided to do …

Loaded French Fries aka French Fry Nachos

French fry nachos first entered into my culinary vocabulary on Valentine’s Day three years ago when my wife and I went to Granite City Food and Brewery.  We ordered Idaho nachos, which were waffle fries covered in cheese sauce, bacon, and other nacho fixings.  (Funny story about those nachos.  I got sick the next day and haven’t been able to eat bacon since.  Made going to vegan way easier.)

Okay, that was a wild digression.  I guess all I’m saying is that I’ve had a lot of time to figure out what to top french fries with to make them really perfect for unResolution  month.  I’m hoping you’ll like them, too.  Though, if not, then I hope I’ve convinced you to make cheese fries.  That’s unResolution-y enough.  Maybe add some truffle oil on top of the cheese…

Okay, focus, focus.  Now to the recipe.

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First off, happy thirteenth day of unResolution month.  I hope January is speeding along for you.  I know it is for me.

Okay, so something strange happened last night during my first vegan nacho post.  I got really into talking about the different faux meats and making vegan cheese and suddenly I forgot that I wanted to add an ENTIRE section on making tempeh and tofu to top the nachos  Once I finally remembered, it was too late for yesterday, but not too late for today!

So today I proudly offer…

Vegan Nachos Part 2

The inspiration for this dish actually came from an episode of Dinner: Impossible where Chef Michael Symon had to fix dinner for a group of cowboys and their families with one catch…everything had to be vegetarian.  Further complicating things were the fact that the cowboys weren’t in on the surprise (apparently veg*n cowboys are hard to find) and Symon’s bad attitude.

For his nachos, the original concept was to cook and crumble tempeh like ground beef on the nachos.  Good idea…

However, during the episode, some tofu, which was going to be used in sandwiches, got overcooked, dried up, and got chewy.  Rather than let it all go to waste, Symon chopped the tofu and sprinkles it on the nachos like grilled chicken.   So with that inspiration, here is my interpretation of those toppings.

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