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The assault on good eating, continues, this time in a post inspired by my friends Daniel Perez at Highmoon Media Grace Piper at Fearless Cooking, MissBHavens at missbehavens (whose recipes are equally good at ripping apart New Year’s Resolutions), and Sean Paul Ellis at

Today, we are going to rock yours senses with seven cheese mac.  Why seven cheeses?

Because a mere 3 or 5 or 6 cheeses, just would not do, now would it?  We don’t do anything halfway at BlogWellDone.

Seven Cheese Mac and Cheese

First, a moment of your time.  Before we get into the recipe, there is some debate over the type of macaroni to use in any mac and cheese, no many if uses a paltry one type of cheese or amazing seven.

Conventional wisdom says use elbow macaroni, which is all fine and well and good.  However, I like spirals.  My friend Joy turned me on to them when she made mac and cheese.  When she first told me she used spirals, I scoffed, like the good food snob I am.

However, after tasting them, I was forced to agree they have a better texture and they hold more cheese. So, I say use spirals if you have them.

Oh, and angel hair noodles, for the record, are right out.

Making the Mac and Cheese

This is really pretty simple.  The key to getting it right is making sure the noodles are undercooked.

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