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Are you as sad as I am?  It’s over: the dessert week of unResolution month is over and very soon unResolution month itself will be ended.  But if we’re going to go out, we’re going to go out with a bang.  That’s why tonight were going to explore the wonderful deliciousness of

Chocolate Cheesecake

I love cheesecake.  I absolutely adore pretty much everything about cheesecake except that there is not an infinite amount of cheesecake.  And there’s no real good way to do cheesecake low cal.  But that’s only something that is going to bother me after unResolution month is over.

I first made chocolate cheesecake for my wife around Thanksgiving.  She, too, loves cheesecake and she is the big chocolate fan of house.  However, around Thanksgiving, I love to make pumpkin cheesecake, which she absolutely despises.  So I make her chocolate cheesecake and I don’t have to share my pumpkin cheesecake with her.  Yay me!

Anyway, let’s get to the recipe:

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Okay, the following recipe is not mine…at least not completely.  I came across this recipe one day as I was flipping channels and happend to pass by the Food Network.  There, in primetime no less, was the lovely Paul Deen staring back at me over a mixing bowl.

With her Southern belle smile, she announced she was going to make a pumpkin cheesecake.  While she had me at “Hey y’all,” I sat in rapt attention as she made this recipe.

I had never made a cheesecake before.  I made that cheesecake.

I can bake.  Who knew?

If you decide to try it, follow the baking instructions exactly.  That’s my best advice.  My second best advice would that next time I make the recipe, I am going to add a half cup more sugar and double the spice.  I like my pumpkin pies bold with big flavors.  Paula’s pumpkin cheesecake was good, but it did not explode with sweetness, nutmeg, and clove like I prefer.  That is not Paula’s fault.  Everyone else who has tried the recipe loved it and wanted more. 

And besides, it’s a Paula Deen dessert.  You know it has to be good!