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Mac and Cheese Muffins with Cabot CheeseWell, we’re past the halfway point of the 8 Days of Cabot, but we go not slow down in us!  I hope you’re hungry for more Cabot Creamery Collective cheese on this Fat Tuesday because we’ve taken a classic cheese dish and made it into something extraordinary.  So if you’re needing a little Mardi Gras pick me up, you definitely have to try:

Mac and Cheese “Muffins”

Like so many cheese dishes, this one was inspired by Mrs. Well Done, who is the cheese lover in the house.  Back during unResolution month, I made seven cheese mac and cheese which she pretty much devoured.  But something stuck with me.  Between mouthfuls of mac and cheese, her comment was that she liked the crusty parts around the edge of the plan best.

This got me thinking…what if it was all crust?  Or at least mostly crust?  Could that possibly rock the mac and cheese experience any more?  What if I threw in some Cabot Extra Sharp cheddar?

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Taco Pizza

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…more pizza for the 8 Days of Cabot?

Heck yes!!

Pizza is one of the finest cheese delivery vehicles in the annals of history!  Even better, this particular pizza is a perfect blend of the spicy south of the border flavors we’ve been having and delicious Cabot Creamery Collective cheese because we are making…

Vegetarian Taco Pizza

Two days ago, I hit you with a vegetarian version of my wife’s favorite pizza, the Cheeseburger pizza, which she fell in love with at Gino’s East in Chicago.  Well, my favorite pizza has always been the Taco pizza, which I feasted upon as a child at the Godfather’s in my hometown.  (Funny how you have fond childhood memories of places you wouldn’t step foot in as an adult, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, after getting my wife’s cheeseburger pizza ready for her, I had:

  • Half a package of Fantastic taco meat left
  • Another prebaked pizza crust
  • A block of Cabot Chipotle Cheddar cheese
  • Some tomatoes and onions

And a plan…

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Cactus QuesadillaHopefully you’re still hungry after 3 of the 8 Days of Cabot, a delicious delving into the domain of Cabot Creamery Collective cheese.  Today, we’re going to make another famous cheese dish with an authentic Mexican twist:

Cactus Quesadillas

I actually got the idea for doing cactus quesadillas when I was making the chili rellenos.  As much as I hate to admit, I just don’t have that much use for cactus in my daily cooking, but I had half a jar of cactus left.

And I had a block of Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Jalapeno cheddar cheese.

And then I had quesadillas.

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Yesterday I mentioned that we were only briefly leaving the world of pizza for the 8 Days of Cabot and I meant it.  True to my word, we’re back with another amazing pizza topped with Cabot Creamery Collective cheese (which they were nice enough to give me.)

Today, we are making my wife’s absolute favorite pizza in the whole world:

Cheeseburger Pizza

My wife fell in love with this pizza when she had it at a restaurant called Gino’s East in Chicago, IL and she still talks about it even though she had it four years ago.  So every now and then, when I get the urge to experiment with pizza, I try to recreate what she had there.  Strange how a little Cabot Seriously Sharp got the urge going. 🙂

There was only one problem… my wife is now vegetarian.  Never one to be daunted by a little thing like vegetarianism and knowing that Cabot does not use animal-based rennet (did you hear that vegetarians??) , I grabbed a little Fantastic sloppy joe mix and it was pizza time.

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Cabot Cheese Chili Rellenos!Welcome to another edition of the 8 Days of Cabot, a culinarilogical examination of cheese as seen through the lens of Cabot Creamery Collective cheese.  (Actually, I think I made up the word culinarilogical, but it sounded sort of like something they’d say in the opening of a Discovery channel show.)

Anyway, yesterday we made a cheese pizza using garlic and herb cheese.  Today we’re going to leave pizza (albeit briefly) to explore a little sizzle south of the border.  Today we’re making

Chili Rellenos

The idea for this dish came from watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  In this particular episode, he challenged two gentlmen to a chili relleno throwdown.  Chef Flay’s relleno was pretty much what I would expect from a chilli relleno: a deep fried poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and veggies.

However, the competitors were doing something completely different.  The pepper was roasted and filled with a vegetarian mix of tomatoes, mushrooms, nopales (cactus), olives, and other goodies.  It was an eye-opening experience for me and one that got me interested in trying to make my own chili rellenos, but it was not until I received the gift of good Cabot cheese that I finally got the motivation to get into the kitchen and cook.

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Real quick, mark your calendars:

February 25th and 6:30 pm Central

I will be giving a live cooking demonstration complete with a live audience.  I will be making dishes from the Spanish vegetarian Valentine’s Day menu featured on DaVinci’s Blog Log including such Spanish favorites as spiced olives and paella.  And I might just scare up some Spanish wine…

If you want to be part of the live audience, leave a comment or DM me on Twitter!


The link to the webcast is at

8 Days of Cabot

Also, starting tomorrow and going for the next 8 days, I will be doing one blog post per day.  Each post will feature a different cheese courtesy of Cabot Creamery Cooperative.  There will be some of the cheesy dishes you expect, but I promise to give them my special BlogWellDone twist.  There will also be some dishes which push the cheesy envelope!

Hope to see you then!