I can’t believe I haven’t shared my recipe for

The Sushi Chef’s Noodles

Seriously, this is one of my son’s absolute favorite dishes in the world.

What is it?

It’s the noodles we get when we go to “sushi.”    Which to the rest of the world is usually called “Japanese steakhouse,” but in my family goes by the name sushi.

Why do we call it sushi?  As the story goes, I love sushi.  Love it.  Love it.  There’s only one problem.  As a restaurant experience, waiting for a platter of artfully arranged raw fish takes time, especially in the quantities in which I like to order it.  Sadly, the amount of time it takes to make the sushi far outweighs the patience of a typical one, two, three, or four year old.

Enter Japanese steakhouse and the fire, the onion volcano, the banging on the stove with wooden sticks, etc.  All of that is more than enough excitement to keep a little one entertained for as long as his father needs to wait (un)patiently for his sushi.

Even better, my son will actually eat the food at the Japanese steakhouse, including the noodles, which he loves so much we always have to order extra.  Here then, is the recipe for those noodles.

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Happy #MeatlessMonday!  Today we’re talking about Cooking with Your Kids and making

Apple, Banana, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Yes, this recipe is very simple, but it’s important to know that there are fun, meatless alternatives we can give our kids that aren’t fried or full of sugar.  Sure, some peanut butters are little more than hydrogenated oil and sugar, but this recipe can be healthy if you use the no sugar added peanut butter.

Besides, if you add enough apples, bananas, and perhaps a touch of honey (or agave), they’ll never know the difference!

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BWD, Jr. loves his rice, so let’s talk about

Healthy Fried Rice

I know, there’s something about “fried rice” that means it can’t be healthy, right?  It has the word fried in it, so it has to bad.  Listen,I know I’ve seen fried rice made where it in no way resembled a health food.  It was dripping with oil and butter and who knows what else.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way, trust me.  The way we make it at Blog Well Done central uses only a little oil, some soy sauce, and whatever veggies or meat we want to throw in there.  The version we make is a little high in sodium because we use soy sauce, but you can use low sodium soy to get around that if you like.

In terms of making this with the kiddos, this is a perfect recipe.  It requires a little cutting in the beginning (the type only adults should do.)  However, once that’s over, all that is required is stirring.  As long as you don’t mind a little mess, kids of just about any age can handle this recipe.

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Red CabbageReady for something a little daring, try

Purple Cabbage Slaw

(Note: purple cabbage = red cabbage, but at home we call it purple cabbage.)

Okay, as a “kid dish” this slaw is a bit of a risk.  First and foremost, it’s a slaw.  That means lots of vegetables and in the case of this slaw, there’s no sugared mayonnaise to mix in to mask the presence of so many vegetables.  Secondly, the flavors are a bit more, shall we say, mature.

On the other hand, the flavors are not so far out there that kids should get turned off.  Plus, this is something they can help to make.  Younger kids can mix the dressing and the slaw while older children can shred the cabbage (as long as they are well supervised.) 

Of course, all of this misses the obvious point: the slaw is purple.  And kids eat purple.

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Okay, so for the next seven days I’m going to be posting on Cooking With Your Kids.  Seven recipes that you and your children will like.  (Oh, and don’t tell them, but I’m going to try and make them healthy as well as fun.)  

To get thing started, I thought I’d call in a ringer: Heidi van Pelt.  Heidi is a great vegan chef, which means she’s the expert at getting kids to eat their vegetables.  She’s got a great vegan restaurant in Kansas City called Fud which serves up a mean plate of food if you know where to find it.

I asked her for this recipe in particular after see her demo it at a food event.  It’s very easy and it’s so colorful most kids won’t care that it’s good for you and filled with weird stuff like purple cabbage and chard.

So, without further ado:

Rainbow Wraps

If you’re looking for something really easy, fresh and full of nutrition, all you need to do is think about the rainbow. Eating the rainbow with every meal is the best way to get what you need.

If you’re wondering why eat all the colors, well the answer is easy. We see in the rainbow spectrum. All foods for human consumption come in those colors and each color delivers a variety of nutrients from that
color category. In fact, when we need a vitamin our body should naturally crave a color that vitamin is most dominant in.

Sometimes, due to mass marketing of colored candies and food packaging, it’s confusing for us to really source the real stuff. Sometimes the real stuff doesn’t taste as good as the packaged stuff because we’ve grown accustomed processed foods with added sugars and fillers.

One way to retrain your body to be attracted to the foods necessary for proper healing and growth is to start with fresh ingredients and make a tasty wrap. I call this the Rainbow Wrap.  Here’s how to do it.

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Magalie L'Abbe's Poblano Peppers

Magalie L'Abbe's Poblano Peppers

From hunger comes inspiration like

#MeatlessMonday Spicy Vegetable Pilaf

So, as usual, it’s Monday, so happy #MeatlessMonday!!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying their weekly respite on meat.  Or maybe you’re just looking for something tasty for dinner… well look no further.

Anyway, this is a simple dinner that can be done with minimal prep and be ready in about 20 minutes of cook time.  All you have to do is chop up your selection of vegetables, saute them a bit in olive oil, then add some rice and broth.  Cover and come back in 20 minutes.  Boom, spicy vegetable pilaf.

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Red Gold ProductsFirst of all, Chef Jasper, this recipe was not an attempt to copy your Pasta alla Nanni, though I’d be lying if I said that

Le Seuer Pea Pasta with Red Gold Tomatoes

didn’t take one of its ingredients for your famous pasta dish.  But more on that in a minute.

First thing’s first.  Welcome to the first of two #MeatlessMonday Saturday edition posts.  Yes, yes, it’s been well-documented that having #MeatlessMonday on a Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., etc. is just weird.  But I’m making up for lost time.  I missed a few weeks, but I’m back in saddle just in time for lent.  Just remember, on Fridays when you’re not eating meat, you can eat vegetarian.  You’ll love it.  Promise.

Okay, back to the dish.  As I said above, this recipe is in no way an attempt to copy world famous Chef Jasper Mirabile’s Pasta alla Nanni, though I will admit it was a huge inspiration.  In fact, I hadn’t had Le Seuer peas in years until I went to Chef’s restaurant and he served up a  pasta the Pasta alla Nanni to my wife and I.  Now, they’re back to being a pantry staple in the BWD household.

So, to Chef Jasper I give a nod of thanks and I promise that since you won’t give out the recipe for Pasta alla Nanni to anyone (including BWD, Jr.), I won’t publish any guesses on how to make it.  But I bet I can come close. 🙂

With that being said, there’s another ingredient to our battle.  The secret ingredient.

Sorry, I channeled Iron Chef there for a second.

In all seriousness, a little while ago, Red Gold tomatoes sent me the coolest freaking tin of product.  It had three cans of Red Gold tomatoes (sauce, diced, and diced with green chilies), a recipe book, a refrigerator magnet, and a model Red Gold truck that my son loved so much he wrote me a thank you card for it.  So cool. 

So I’ve been holding those cans for something special when I realized that my Red Gold tomato sauce would be perfect for a recipe like this.  Seriously, if you have been using generic tomato suace, I highly recommend you try a good quality sauce like Red Gold tomato sauce next time .   There is definitely a dfference with good ingredients.

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Stir Fry

So, I was asked today about veggie stir fry recipes and after doing some searching and head scratching, I realized I hadn’t ever done a post on plain ol’

Vegetable Stir Fry

It’s an oversight I shall now correct.

Make no mistake about it.  Stir fry is so easy to do and especially with the kitchen essentials from unclutterer, it’s made not only cooking but also my life easier.  It’s also wonderful when we have a bunch of odds and ends that need to get turned into a dish just hanging out in the fridge.  Stuff like a stalk of celery, a carrot, half a green pepper, what have you.  We throw it all in a hot wok and in about 2 minutes you have a tasty, healthy, meatless, dinner.

Now, there is a trick to making a good stir fry, and it’s not what you think.  What is it?  Read on…

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Newman Os from www.newmansownorganics.comWhat would unResolution Month be without

Vegan Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

using Newman’s Own Newman-O’s?  No where, that’s where!!

Real quick, first it is with a heavy heart that I make this post.  This is the final day of not only Vegan Week, but unResolution Month as a whole.  It’s a bittersweet moment, but it is a sweet moment since we’re going out with vegan ice cream!

We love this recipe in the BlogWellDone household.  We’re ice cream fans here in a bad, bad way.  For this, I blame Mrs. WellDone since when we became one in that whole marriage ceremony thing, I seem to have gotten her sweet tooth.  On the other hand, she seems to have gotten my desire to tinker with recipes.  Thus, it is with all due praise and admiration that I admit that this is her adaption of a recipe that came with our ice cream machine.

She was even the one who decided to add the Newman-Os, which are vegan chocolate sandwich cookies produced by Newman’s Own Organics, a company which produces some fantastic products.  (I’m in no way affiliated with them, we just like their vegan Newman-Os, lemonade, and salad dressing.)

The only problem I have with this recipe is that it requires an ice cream maker.  I wish I had a recipe for ice cream that didn’t require additional equipment, but it does.  The good news is that ice cream makers are not that expensive and they make really great ice cream.  Vegan or otherwise.

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MatchOkay, one last vegan wing recipe and it is

Vegan Asian Zing Wings with Match Chicken

Yes, I am following a theme of veganizing Buffalo Wild Wings recipes with the frying instructions for Match Chicken.  No, I’m not sorry because BWW makes AWESOME wings.  However, today I finally get to feel useful since there is a good chance the Asian Zing sauce isn’t vegan right off the bat. So, I’m going to veganize it.

See, the Asian Zing sauce uses chili-garlic sauce, which you could kind of call Asian ketchup and not be too far off the bat.  I’m pretty sure that the sugar they use when making the sauce was processed using animal bones and therefore, should not be considered vegan.  The good news is that it won’t be too hard to make our own chili-garlic sauce knock off.

Oh, and as a word to the wise, one of the commenters on the recipe was complaining that the wings were too hot.  I think that’s because she used the wrong type of chili-garlic sauce.  As near as I can tell, there are two types of chili-garlic sauce.  One basically looks like runny jelly with little red flakes.  That’s what you want to use.  The other stuff is thick and red and looks like tomato sauce.  That stuff is HOT and would kill you in this recipe.  (I think that’s Sichuan chili-garlic sauce, actually.)

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