18 comments on “In the Name of Research!

  1. I am a woman and I LOVE mushrooms. My husband (a man) hates them. So there you go, you got two survey responses!

  2. MWM very much into mushrooms, seeks similarly-minded female fungus lover for random sporeplay.

    (translation: I’m a guy and I like mushrooms and I hope I win a prize.)

  3. I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!

    In all forms

    But, in particular, big, marinated & grilled portobella’s and a mixture of wild shrooms in risotto.


    PS: I am a lady (but I still burp loudly…)

  4. Male depends on how they are used. I do not like them on everything and I only like specific kinds. I also have to be in a mood.

  5. I don’t. Fungus, bleh.

    On the other hand, I wish I liked them: it’s sort of a problem being a foodie and not liking mushrooms (or olives, wine, fish, the list goes on). They just hit my tongue and squick me out!

  6. Male and I absolutely love mushrooms, all kinds. I will be hunting Morels soon!!
    My wife is also a huge mushroom fan.

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