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  1. I love your negative about breaking out of a rut, when I read this book i thought, wow, she just up and divorced her husband and then took off.. kind of just gave up? Not really an option for ‘The rest of us’ eh??

    But I agree, travel even in your own tiny town by hitting the local restaurants that bring a bit of another country is a great ‘date night’ and time away…

    Reminds me how much I miss living in NYC with sooo many ethnic restaurants on every corner.. sigh.. 🙂

  2. I agree with your overall take on the book/movie Eat Pray Love. To really make a change, often something really needs to happen to shake you up out of the malaise you’re you’re in.

    Traveling, food are wonderful. Elizabeth Gilbert’s year long venture, dropping out of life to experience the new – wow – it would be amazing. But how many of us could? Traveling our “little journeys” and vicariously with others gives encouragement. Pumps up a dream.

  3. I loved this last line “Try new things: new foods, new drinks, bungie jumping, making out in the backseat of a car, etc. Ultimately, it is doing something fresh and new that changes you, not where you do it.”

    Fresh new changes can ultimately create a change in you, you never realized could happen… and it has nothing to do with the venue.

    Oh- And you’ve gotta have meatballs with that pasta. You have officially become the one social media/foodie that made me go off my diet. Thanks for that. Really.

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