One comment on “#MeatlessMonday Gardein Review #1 – Chick’n Good Stuff

  1. The main problem I have with the non-organic, heavily processed meat analogs is that they are full of questionable ingredients that undergo a lot of manufacturing to become the final product. The ingredients themselves are generally saturated with pesticides, the manufacturing process itself denatures the proteins and fats, is full of unhealthy hidden additives while the advertising creates the illusion of a healthy food. The products themselves are packaged in plastic, which in most cases leaches well known carcinogenic endocrine disrupters like bisphenol-A.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t say I’m a fan of meat products, they’re even worse in terms of pesticide concentrations, exposure to hormones and high levels of fat and then the cruelty to animals is a huge issue as well. Even ‘humanely’ raised meat still must be slaughtered.

    I feel as though in America we have deviated so far away from a natural healthy diet that it’s no surprise products like Gardein are popular. It seems as though there’s a desire for manufactured food, rather than the real thing, regardless of the long term health consequences.

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