One comment on “Sustainable Eating #6: Good Shepherd Heritage Chicken

  1. Chris the chicken can still breed on it own. The problem is the off spring of this breeding can not live long enough to breed on its own. So that makes it a dead end product and the farmer must always go back to the factory breeding farm to get their birds. This is what they call synthetic hybrid production. A fancy word for multiple hybrid breeding that only a factory breeding system can do and not a single family farm. This form of breeding includes Cornish Rocks, Label Rue, Freedom Rangers, Red Bro, Red Broilers, Black Broilers and all broiler that grow faster then 80 days from hatch. The lady who said these birds are just a name given to this birds is wrong. These are all standard bred birds that go back over 100 years. Our package comes with the American Poultry Association seal of approval. In other words this are true old pure bred breeds and not a hybrid cross.

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