2 comments on “Argee Corporation’s Spin n’ Stor

  1. Interesting… I can see how it would work and that it’s compact, but how do you wash and dry the salad spinner after you use it? I can imagine it sitting around in my drainer for quite a long time while I try to let air circulate to all the corners, a bit like when I reuse zip-loc bags but worse.

    It might take up some space but I love my Good Grips salad spinner. I got the small size and it’s perfect for me. It has a nice button to do the spinning, unlike the unwieldy pull cords I’ve had on salad spinners in the past. Truly it’s a superior product.

  2. I’m still not quite sold on the whole salad-spinning thing. After my friends were talking up salad spinners, I went and got one. I’ve used it um, like 5 times in the last year. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but it seems like my salad is still pretty wet after I’m done spinning it.

    I can’t see myself using spinning bags at all. The clippy towel sounds pretty cool though – i can’t cook without wearing a towel.

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