2 comments on “No Fear And Owning A Recipe

  1. (I know, I’m late to the party on this post.)

    Normally, I wing it in the kitchen depending on what spices I feel like eating and whether it’s hot or cold out and what I find in the fridge. [True, this also leads to interesting moments such as the evening that going to the store was just not. gonna. happen, and I momentarily pondered the condiments and whether jalapenos and black bean paste would have enough nutrition together to count as dinner.]

    If the recipe, main ingredient, or procedure is something very new to me and I’ve not done something similar – then I’ll pay close attention. Otherwise a rough outline with ‘oh, be careful when you add the x, and y tends to overcook easily’ is great.

    • Hey Vicki,

      I think you mirror my process pretty closely. Though since writing this, I’ve started going through cookbooks with the express intent on learning new cuisine (in this case classic Sichuan cooking.) Chinese sauces usually have 8-10 ingredients so I’ve been following the recipes exactly. Hopefully I get the hang of Chinese sauces and then I’ll feel better improvising.

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