7 comments on “Gravy Burgers – Junk Food Post #7

  1. Hi Chris!

    Really a monster burger only for 1 person? Tough, but to dig in!
    It remembers the chivito towers we’ve here, similar instead of burger is a thin beef steak 😉

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  2. The only thing comparable to that burger is the Big Boy Omlette my sports editor dared me to eat.
    Picture this huge log roll filled with eggs, bacon, ham, pork, onions.
    The table shook when they sat it in front of us. The saturated fat glistened in the afternoon light.
    I almost wished for defibrillator paddles to be ready just in case.
    And my sports editor at the time: He put his down with a big cup of country gravy.

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