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  1. Duuuude. I tried these tonight. Very good, if a little sweet.

    I used the Nasoya wonton wrappers (V. nice- never made my own ravioli or any such similar thing before- plan to do it again with these!), and pre-chunked butternut squash from the grocery store. Also, I used half of a gala apple since I don’t even know what a Jonathan apple is.

    I grew up with browned butter on everything, but I’d never thought of adding herbs to it before. I really like that, and I think I’ll keep some on hand all the time now. Very nice addition.

    There are two things that I would do differently the next time. 1.) make up the ravioli the night before, so that I can just boil and serve at leisure (or make a huge batch and freeze for future use). 2.) Probably use half the butter for the same amount of ravioli, and throw the cooked ravioli into the pan with the butter to coat, instead of pouring the butter over it. That little bit of crispness would have been a nice touch to the ravioli.

    Oh, and by the way? I’m so blaming you for the idea I’ve just had for a dessert ravioli. Now I just need to get the ingredients together…

  2. Thanks!

    I think I know why they were so sweet. On the spectrum of sweetness, Jonathons are far lower than a Gala, but I can see where you would think they were a bit too sweet. Without a Jonathon, a Granny Smith and a pinch of sugar might have worked.

    That’s assuming the pre-chunked butternut squash did not have any sugar.

    Glad you liked the wrapper idea, too. I wish I could take credit for it.

    I like the idea of frying the ravioli in the butter. I think that’s an excellent addition to the recipe. Consider it part of the official version!

    I made a chocolate banana ravioli once…it was GOOD. Can’t wait to hear about yours.

  3. I was thinking of banana as well, but I only have a few wrappers left to experiment with. Also, was thinking apple, but no apples left. I do, however, have some bosc pears, and an 87% cocoa chocolate bar… 🙂

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