3 comments on “Braised Potatoes

  1. The low carb diet has sadly killed the use of potatoes in our house!!! Sometimes I will buy one large potato and nuke it for my sadly starch deprived children!

  2. That’s funny, we were like that for a long while. Then I was making mashed potatoes for an article I wrote on Thanksgiving leftovers and I had to make mashed potatoes. I remembered how much I really, really liked them. So now they have entered our house as a sometimes food.

    And even if they weren’t high in starch, I’d still keep them a sometimes food with way I make mashed potatoes (mmmm butter and cream and parm) 🙂

  3. Scott tried potatoes on the bbq grill. Leave skin on, slice in half, cut into squares, add butter and Lawry’s, wrap in foil, place on hot bbq grill.

    Sometimes we add Spinach & Herb Seasoning (from Tastefully Simple) Both versions are simple and taste like HEAVEN!

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